Mattress and Bed Set Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

 At Circle Clean, we care for your health and living environment. Mattress is no doubt the most used piece of furniture in your home, where we rest and slumber on it every day. Mattress is often overlooked when spring cleaning, partly because people generally have no idea how to clean it, or they often assume that with a layer of bed sheet, the mattress is protected from getting dirty. The fact is that mattress is a commonplace where mites, allergens and bacteria thrive because we spend long period on the piece, and the prolonged body perspiration, and dark and moist condition is the perfect breeding ground for these organism, which is the main cause of various diseases for skin and respiratory.

Circle Clean have adopts a distinct method to clean and disinfect the mattress, ensuring that the mattress is deeply cleaned and sanitised, safe for human contact. The cleaning agent used is extra gentle on human skin and proven to be hypoallergenic.


Key Features

  • Quick Drying Time within 2-4 hours
  • Friendly and Professional cleaning technician
  • Short Service Window of 1 hour

(We value your precious time; thus we won’t make you wait all day for a cleaning appointment)

  • Gentle Cleaning Action – Safe to human skin and hypoallergenic
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