Carpet and Rugs Cleaning  

Circle Clean Carpet and Rugs Deep Cleaning is one of our main services, catering to both residential and commercial cleaning needs. These items in the living or work environment are often the most in need of deep cleaning due to the heavy soiling and dust and allergen accumulation, often contributing to poor air quality and unhygienic environment. At Circle Clean, we utilise scrubbing and then spray-extract method to achieve optimum cleaning results, ensuring little dirt attracting residue is left on the surface to safeguard your family against potential health risks such as skin diseases and asthma.

Our experienced cleaning expert are well trained to handle all carpet material types, applying the most suitable cleaning method for your carpet/ rugs. From pre-inspection and evaluation to pre-treatment and stain agitation (manual or machine operated); from stain spotting to cleaning and finally post cleaning inspection, we undoubtedly offer the most effective carpet cleaning service in Malaysia.


Key Features

  • Quick Drying Time within 2-4 hours
  • Friendly and Professional cleaning technician
  • Short Service Window of 1 hour

(We value your precious time; thus we won’t make you wait all day for a cleaning appointment)

  • Comprehensive Clean – leaving little residue, which results in the fabric stay clean longer
  • Safe and non-toxic to human and environment cleaning solution


Why Does Carpet/ Rugs Needs To Be Cleaned By Professionals?

  • Carpet and Rugs are often the most heavily soiled and dirty piece of fittings in your home environment. Mold, dust, bacteria and other allergens can thrive unnoticed to the human eyes, these are main cause for various diseases such as skin diseases and respiratory diseases like asthma. Dirty and unhygienic carpet are also main contributor to poor indoor air quality and malodour.
  • Deep cleaning restores and rejuvenates the appearance of your fine rugs and carpets, which has diminished appearance and looking discoloured due to heavy soiling and dust.
  • Carpet/ Rugs are often high traffic area and often come into contact with humans’ and pets’ feet, imagine if your precious baby crawls and plays around the area.



Odour Eliminator

Using enzyme formula to digest particles and mildew which emits foul odour and pet urine smell

Ask our friendly technician for info and charges


Intense Cycle

For high traffic and heavily soiled and stained area, opt for Intense Cycle cleaning

Ask our friendly technician for info and charges

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