Fabric Upholstery Cleaning

Circle Clean Sofa upholstery cleaning, using highly effective spray-and-extract method which ensures maximum dirt and grime is extracted out from deep beneath the textile surface. This deep cleaning method ensures maximum cleaning result and sanitization effect. Depending on the material suitability, hot water extraction or steam cleaning method will be applied for optimum result.

Our attention to details and aspiration towards maximum customers’ satisfaction are primary factors that makes Circle Clean stand out from the rest. Starting from pre-inspection and evaluation to pre-treatment and stain agitation; from stain spotting to cleaning and finally post cleaning inspection, we undoubtedly offer the most comprehensive sofa cleaning service in Malaysia.


Key Features

  • Quick Drying Time within 2-4 hours
  • Friendly and Professional cleaning technician
  • Short Service Window of 1 hour

(We value your precious time; thus we won’t make you wait all day for a cleaning appointment)

  • Comprehensive Clean – leaving little residue, which results in the fabric stay clean longer
  • Safe and non-toxic to human and environment cleaning solution


Why Upholstery / Sofa Does Needs To Be Cleaned By Professionals?

  • Mold, dust, bacteria and other allergens can live in your upholstery unnoticed to the human eyes, these are main cause for various diseases such as skin diseases and respiratory diseases like asthma. Sofa Upholstery Deep Cleaning is proven to improve air quality and eliminate allergens and mites.
  • Sometimes, you may use household upholstery cleaner to remove visible stains. However, if you don’t see visible stains, does that really mean your upholstery is clean? Deep cleaning by professionals at least once a year ensures your furniture and furnishings are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Deep cleaning restores and rejuvenates the appearance of your drab and dull upholstery, transforming your house’s appearance and ambience
  • Upholstery free of soiling and dust particles are certain to extend the lifespan of your upholstery textile.



Odour Eliminator

Using enzyme formula to digest particles and mildew which emits foul odour and pet urine smell

Ask our friendly technician for info and charges


Intense Cycle

For high traffic and heavily soiled and stained area, opt for Intense Cycle cleaning

Ask our friendly technician for info and charges

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