Drapery and Blinds Cleaning

Drapery and Blinds cleaning are our specialties. At Circle Clean, we understand how much time and money you’ve invested in choosing the best look and feel for your window coverings. Rest be assured our cleaning method and process offers you optimum result and peace of mind, saving you the hassle for removing and rehanging your window coverings.

Our friendly professionals will assess the best method of cleaning at your place, be it steam cleaning or spray and extract method, to ensure your drapery and blinds are effectively cleaned and not damaged.


Key Features

  • Hassle-Free, Cleaning Service done on-site

(Save yourself from the hassle and time from removing and hanging your curtains)

  • Quick Drying Time of 2-4 hours
  • Short Service Window of 1 hour (No need to wait whole day for your cleaner to arrive)
  • Comprehensive Clean – leaving little residue, which results in the fabric staying clean longer
  • Safe and non-toxic for human and environment cleaning solution


Why Drapery/ Blinds Does Needs To Be Cleaned By Professionals?

  • Drapery, Blinds and other window coverings shelter you from heat and light, as well as serving as the filter and block out dust, pollen and other airborne particles, which affects indoor air quality and your health. Getting your drapery/blinds cleaned by professionals cleans and refreshes the fabric and improves air quality.
  • Removing and rehanging your curtains can be an exhausting and time consuming task; while having it cleaned yourself risks the chance of the fabric shrinking or damaged. At Circle Clean, we save you from this problem by having your window coverings cleaned while hanging. Besides, you no longer need to expose your home with bare windows while you have your curtains/blinds cleaned.
  • Drapery and Blinds cleaning restores and rejuvenates the appearance of your drab and dull upholstery.
  • Fabric for window coverings free of soiling and dust particles are certain to extend the lifespan of your upholstery textile.



Odour Eliminator

Using enzyme formula to digest particles and mildew which emits foul odour and pet urine smell

Ask our friendly technician for info and charges

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